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Excursion > Birding Trips > Nalsarovar

Duration: Full Day Trip.
Location : 60 Kms from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, INDIA

The Nal region is a low-lying area between the plains of the Central Gujarat and Eastern Saurashtra. Owing to its low lying topography, it is believed to represent a filled up sea link, that previously existed between the Little Rann in the north and the Gulf of Khambat in the south. Remnants of this sea are thought to be represented by the Nalsarovar.

Situated about 64 km to the West of Ahmedabad near Sanand Village, in the Gujarat state of India. Mainly inhabited by migratory birds in winter and spring, it is the largest wetland bird sanctuary in Gujarat, and one of the largest in India.

The lake measures 123 km², attracts over 250 species of birds in the winter, and harbours a variety of flora and fauna. Thousands of migratory waterfowl flock to this sanctuary just after the Indian monsoon season. The shallow area and ponds on the outer fringes of the lake attract the wading birds that feed in the shallow waters. Besides a few mammalian species including the endangered wild ass and the blackbuck, its migratory bird population includes Rosy Pelicans, Flamingoes, White Storks, Brahminy Ducks and Herons.

The water in the lake is only about 4 feet deep and the boatmen are quite friendly guides. You might just find the original Gujarati Food in its simplest form and yet so yummy at one of the bet (small islands between the lake). Migrating Bharwad shepherds populates the islands of the lake and on the banks are the Padhars, who are excellent folk dancers, artisans and boatmen. One can hire country boats on the lake for bird viewing.

How to get there:
By road: The Nearest bus station are at Ahmedabad (64kms) and Sanand (42 kms).
By rail: The Nearest Railway station are Viramgam - 40 kms & Ahmedabad - 64 Kms
By air: The Nearest airport is Ahmedabad (64 kms).

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(Can be clubbed with Another bird sanctuary Thol, 32 Kms from Ahmedabad)