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Indian Wilderness
Outdoors Unlimited
India is reputed to be the home to the finest game parks and tiger reserves, which offer a stunning array of wildlife. Historically and culturally, forests and all forms & wildlife in them, have played a very important role in the Indian way of life. Plants and animals have even been worshipped over the centuries and thus the importance accorded to them. According to estimates the forests, the deserts, the mountains and swamplands of India sustain over 350 species of mammals 2,100 kinds of birds - both local and migratory, 350 varieties of reptile and innumerable insects.

The wildlife attractions of India are huge and worth appreciating. Numerous rare and endangered species of animals, birds and reptiles can be found in the country. The tigers, rhinoceros, elephants, black bucks, lions, cobras and peacocks are the prime wildlife attractions in the country. Apart from these, there are other wildlife species too that have commanding presence in the forest areas of the country.

Outdoors Unlimited presents tours, which have been especially designed to take you to discover some of India's well-known national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. For an exciting journey through the Indian Forests, join our Wildlife Tours and experience Wild India at its best.

Explore the wild jungles and forests of India, see amazing animals & birds, come, experience an Indian jungle safari.


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